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Enhancing IIoT with Machine Learning

Jun 24, 2020 | Artificial Intelligence (AI), Industry 4.0 / IoT / IIoT

The application of machine learning in IIoT will help the protocol to  enhance with the help of predictive analysis and maintenance.

IoT is a giant network of things and people communicating with each  other using various wired and wireless technologies. IIoT is IoT used  solely within industries. 

While IoT is leveraged for consumer purposes,  IIoT is used within industries, such as manufacturing, supply chain,  logistics, agriculture, and many more. With the rise of big data  analytics and machine learning technology, industries have made many  revolutionary gains. IIoT aims at collecting real-time data through  sensors. The application of machine learning in IIoT enables  organizations to gain incredible insights about the manufacturing  industries. According to Louis Columbus of Forbes magazine,  IIoT is estimated to unlock manufacturing savings of more than 11  trillion dollars by 2025. This states one of the many benefits of saving  capital by using IIoT in industries.

Machine learning offers numerous benefits to organizations as well as  the end users. One of the exciting benefits of machine learning is that  systems will eventually learn and adapt to new environments for a given  task, for which the system was earlier being trained on an entirely  static data set. Machine learning enables business folks to understand a  customer’s behavior and accordingly send her the best possible offers  based on their browsing and purchase history. This helps organizations  boost their marketing skills and also allows customers to get incredible  offers and discounts. Moreover, machine learning provides predictive  maintenance, which enables companies to discover insights and hidden  patterns in a business. This helps to reduce the risks that enterprises  face or might face in the future. Additionally, predictive maintenance  helps organizations reduce the enhanced costs. Machine learning, along  with other modeling algorithms, can eliminate errors caused during  manual data entry. This allows employees to utilize their time to add  productivity to their company. Machine learning helps overcome cyber threats and helps improve customer relationship.

Application of machine learning in IIoT

The application of machine learning  in IIoT provides positive outcomes to industries with the ability to  adapt to and learn from new environments. One of the primary uses of  machine learning is predictive analysis. Machine learning can analyze  data and predict the future outcomes by classifying the previous similar  datasets by the technique termed as predictive analysis. Moreover, it  helps organizations to gauge value from the collected data. The modeling  algorithms used by machine learning help various industries to achieve  precision in their business. One of the most vital benefits of machine  learning is predictive maintenance. There arises a query in every  organization about anomaly detection in systems. Machine learning helps  in identifying abnormalities in systems using predictive maintenance.  Furthermore, machine learning also helps in predicting the could-be  disasters for devices by analyzing the changes caused in the patterns of  their operations. For instance, in the aircraft industry, machine  learning can be used to explain the delayed or canceled flights based on  the performance history of the aircraft.  The application of machine learning in IIoT will allow organizations to  discover patterns and hidden insights with real-time sensor collecting  data from various areas. It will enable companies to save their time,  cost, and to make huge profits for their business.




Original Post by Naveen Joshi/ Allerin/ 2018

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